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Goosmann Law Firm Announces Three New Leadership Positions

The Goosmann Law Firm is pleased to announce three new leadership positions within the firm’s team. Omaha Managing Partner Joel Carney has accepted the new role of Chief People Officer (CPO). Andrew W. Simpson will be taking over the role of Omaha Managing Partner. Omaha Attorney William J. Hale accepted a job at the firms Sioux City office as Managing Partner.

As Goosmann Law’s Chief People Officer, in addition to his law practice, Joel Carney will be leading the Firm strategy and processes related to building and retaining an exceptional team of professionals. Carney says, “I am excited to concentrate my relationship-based strengths and leadership to continue building and retaining the strongest legal team possible. We continuously grow stronger by focusing on an excellent firm culture focused on quality, positivity, productivity and growth. The Firm recognizes the more we invest in the people on our team, the stronger the firm. We are committed to creating and maintaining a law firm that is worth it for our team members and helps them grow both personally and professionally.”

Andy Simpson will be leading and managing the firm’s Omaha office. In addition to his law practice, Simpson will be coaching and guiding the Omaha team. Simpson says, “I am honored and excited to lead the Omaha office and continue its growth while working hand in hand with all of our Goosmann Law Firm locations to serve our client needs and be the law firm of choice.”

William J. Hale has been an attorney at the firm’s Omaha office since 2017. He will be relocating to the firm’s Sioux City office as the new Managing Partner. Hale says, “I am humbled and excited to move to the Sioux City area and work with the wonderful team we have there. This truly is the best firm I have ever come across, and it is because of each individual team member.”

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