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Income & Retirement Planning

Income & Retirement Planning Attorney in Omaha

Estate planning is more than just planning for what happens at your death; it is also about planning in the present. A robust approach to estate planning makes sure to address your retirement and income needs in the future by acting today to save and provide for you in your later years. This is often a collaborative approach where we will work with the professional advisors that are involved in your life, such as your financial planners, accountants, insurance agents, and personal bankers.

Planning also needs to be done for the obstacles that can derail your plans for retirement— disability, incapacity and assisted living care. By safely accounting for these events, you can ensure that resources are not depleted too early and that there are funds left to take care of your surviving spouse or to pass on to your children.

You can never start planning for your retirement too soon, and Goosmann Law is here to ease you comfortably into your retirement years.

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