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Navigating matters related to paternity can be complex and emotionally charged. At Goosmann Law Firm, PLC, we recognize the importance of addressing paternity issues with sensitivity and precision. Our paternity attorney in Omaha is dedicated to assisting clients in understanding and establishing paternity rights.

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What is Paternity?

Paternity commonly refers to the legal acknowledgment of a man as the father of a child. Establishing paternity is crucial for various reasons, including securing parental rights, determining child custody and visitation arrangements, and ensuring the child's access to financial support. Whether you are a father striving to establish parental rights or a mother looking to confirm paternity for support purposes, our Omaha paternity lawyers are well-equipped to assist you.

Establishing Paternity in Nebraska

In Nebraska, paternity can be established through several means, each serving a specific purpose. We are dedicated to helping clients navigate these procedures with ease.

  • Voluntary Acknowledgment: One of the most straightforward methods of establishing paternity is through voluntary acknowledgment. Both parents can sign a legal document called the Voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity (VAP), affirming the father's legal relationship with the child. This document is often completed at the hospital shortly after the child's birth, but it can also be accomplished later through the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services.
  • Genetic Testing: When paternity is disputed or uncertain, genetic testing can be pursued to determine the biological relationship between the father and the child conclusively.
  • Legal Proceedings: In some cases, paternity may need to be established through legal proceedings, especially if there is resistance or disagreement between the parties involved.

What are the Benefits of Establishing Paternity?

Whether you are a father, mother, or child, the advantages of establishing paternity are significant and have long-lasting implications. Here are some key benefits:

Parental Rights and Responsibilities:

  • For Fathers: Establishing paternity grants fathers legal recognition as the parent of the child. This includes the right to participate in important decisions about the child's upbringing, education, and medical care. It also allows fathers to seek custody or visitation rights.
  • For Mothers: Confirming paternity ensures that mothers have a legal basis for seeking child support from the father. It also allows mothers to share parental responsibilities and decisions with the father, contributing to a more collaborative co-parenting dynamic.

Child Support:

  • For Fathers: Acknowledging paternity is a necessary step for fathers who want to contribute to their child's financial support. Once paternity is established, the father can be held legally responsible for child support obligations.
  • For Mothers: Establishing paternity enables mothers to pursue child support payments from the father, which can help provide financial stability for the child's well-being and development.

Access to Medical Information: Knowing the biological father's identity can be crucial for the child's medical history. This information becomes essential for medical treatments, genetic counseling, and addressing potential hereditary conditions. Establishing paternity ensures that the child has access to a comprehensive medical history from both parents.

Inheritance Rights: Establishing paternity can affect the child's inheritance rights. It allows the child to inherit from the father and other relatives on the father's side. This legal recognition can be vital for the child's financial future.

Social and Emotional Benefits for the Child: Identity and Belonging: Knowing both parents and having a sense of identity and belonging can contribute positively to a child's emotional well-being. It can help foster a stronger sense of self and connection to their family.

Access to Extended Family: Establishing paternity allows the child to have relationships with their extended family on the father's side, providing a broader support network and a sense of community.

Legal Documentation: Paternity establishment results in legal documentation, such as a Voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity (VAP) or a court order. This documentation serves as an official record of the father's legal relationship with the child, providing clarity and preventing future disputes.

Government Benefits:

  • For the Child: Some government benefits, such as Social Security or veteran's benefits, may be available to a child when paternity is established, especially if the father is eligible for these benefits.
  • For the Father: Establishing paternity may open the door for the child to access benefits related to the father's employment or military service.

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