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Goosmann Law Firm’s agricultural law attorneys understand the complexities of the agriculture industry. Our attorneys have worked for and represented some of the largest Midwest companies and individual business owners in their agricultural and agribusiness concerns. Our clients consist of processors, producers, suppliers and manufacturers. Located in the heart of the our nation’s agricultural heartland, we are closely connected and licensed to practice in Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota. Our Sioux City, Sioux Falls, Omaha, and Spirit Lake attorneys provide a broad range of legal representation to agribusiness ventures and companies impacted by the agriculture industry.

What is Agribusiness?

In economic terms, agribusiness refers to activities derived from or related to agriculture. It involves the production, processing, distribution, and transportation of crops. Almost all the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are impacted by agriculture and its economic, social, and demographic derivatives.

Our Omaha Agriculture Lawyer

We understand the business, government regulation, public relations, science and markets in the agriculture industry and advise clients on their business needs. Our agribusiness lawyers provide timely advice as the agriculture industry evolves. Lawyers keep pace as our clients operate in an ever-changing environment. We help clients assess market risk with legal risk. We stay on top of emerging issues of agri-finance, biotechnology, food safety, state and federal regulations and biofuels. To that end, we participate in the industry by serving on the Iowa State Center for Agricultural Law & Taxation (CALT) Board and Leadership Iowa’s focus on Agriculture law. In addition, we have literally been to the farm and have a substantial agricultural background.

Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota law restricts the ownership of agricultural land by certain business entities. We advise clients on these laws and structure transactions accordingly. Our Sioux City lawyer, Sioux Falls, Omaha, and Spirit Lake attorney, and Omaha lawyer team can provide counseling services to clients regarding the use of agricultural production agreements, licensing agreements, marketing agreements and legal problems at the local, state, and federal levels. We coordinate with tax specialists, lobbyists and intellectual property specialists to provide our clients with the services they need.

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What We Offer

Renewable Energy

As an avid television news watcher you know that global warming is becoming a trending topic of conversation. As the world is so concerned with their carbon footprint, you begin to wonder what you can do to reduce yours. Call us today to gather more information about how you can reduce your carbon footprint while remaining legally compliant!

Ag Liens

Like anything else, developments tend to happen unexpectedly and so does the need for an agricultural lien. Good thing our Sioux City attorneys, Sioux Falls lawyers, Omaha, and Spirit Lake attorneys stay on top of all things legal – making sure to assess the market risk and legal risk. Ag liens arise often without the consent of the debtor and we want to protect you. To better understand how you can obtain a lien on crops grown with your equipment, call us today!


We understand how complex the agricultural industry can be, and to add agribusiness contracts on top of it? Oofta. Our Sioux City Law Firm represents processors, producers, suppliers and manufacturers located in the heart of the agricultural industry, so we know our stuff when it comes to agri-business. Let us review and draft your agri-business contract today!

Ag Finance

Do you want to make more money? Of course you do! Agricultural finance encourages farmers, ag suppliers, producers, cooperatives and manufacturers to increase profits while focusing on their processes and income. We understand your investment in your agribusiness, so now invest in us. Call us today to review your budget, and to make sure you are making more money than you are spending.

Ag Litigation

Today’s start-up has now become a full blown agri-business and with this comes many legal processes. Whether it be changing commercial expectations, decreasing margins, or new legislation, let us help you through the process. We will work with you to file, prosecute, and litigate matters for your agribusiness needs.

Environmental, Health & Safety

Agriculture is ranked as a potentially high hazardous industry, however, there are steps that you can take to reduce and minimize such liability exposures. To ensure environmental health and safety compliance for your employees’ protection, as well as that of the community at large, call us today to discuss what you can do to remain compliant under these areas of concern that potentially impact on your bottom line.​

Don't wait, when you need help navigating the agribusiness industry, get in touch with our Omaha agriculture lawyers at Goosmann Law Firm. Call 855-909-4442


Problems & How We Solve Them

  • “I want to create my own cooperative. Do I need to first obtain a Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act (PACA) license?”
    Many people do not know what a PACA license is, let alone how to obtain one. Any person who buys or sells more than 2,000 pounds of fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables in any given day is required to be licensed under the PACA. Wholesalers, processors, truckers, grocery wholesalers, and foodservice firms fit into this category. But have no fear, our team is ready and willing to be through all steps of the process. Our attorneys stay ahead of the ever changing legal environment to ensure that you and your property are protected.
  • “I have a livestock facility and am receiving complaints from neighbors about the odor, what can I do?”
    Odor nuisance liability and environmental compliance are important concerns for livestock producers that can involve complicated state and federal regulations and well as exposure to significant civil damage claims and awards . Our regional team of lawyers work closely with processors, producers, suppliers and manufacturers to ensure that such liability exposures are minimized and remedied. We want to protect your livestock facility. Learn how by calling us today!

Farmers are faced with new challenges and opportunities every day -- from feeding an expanding global population while meeting strict new emissions requirements, to producing more food on fewer acres while minimizing their environmental footprint. Significant issues impacting these challenges include new government mandates and regulations, the availability and price of land for expansion and proper business succession planning.

  • "How do I create a farmers' cooperative?"
    We understand that navigating the business world can be a scary task. If you feel that your farming operation isn’t generating enough supply for its demand, then it’s time to dig up some dirt about the topic and our Sioux City, Sioux Falls, Omaha, and Spirit Lake attorneys can help you do just that. Creating a cooperative that provides products for an increasing market while generating jobs and making your life easier at the same time? That sounds worth it.

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