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The transportation industry is ever-changing in terms of regulation, fuel prices and environmental concerns that affect your business. Our experience in the transportation field, allows us to represent transportation clients in all business ventures. We can represent transportation clients in trucking, railroad, and aviation on matters related to employment defense claims, wage and hour disputes, accident investigation, environmental claims, insurance coverage disputes, governmental investigations and regulatory issues, business formation, structuring and financing, freight claims and litigation, bankruptcy, and state business requirements.

We are committed to our Clients 110%. When you are with the Goosmann Law Firm, you’re not just a client, you are a part of our growing family. Our technical, legal, and leadership experience is there from Day 1 and we’ll be committed to your legal needs. Our attorneys realize that your priorities are our priorities and we’ll make sure that your issues are never ignored.

We can also serve as general counsel for our transportation clients, meeting their legal needs in many areas beyond transportation, including:

  • Business formation, structuring and financing
  • Employment, including wage and hour disputes
  • Federal regulatory requirements
  • Insurance
  • Freight claims and litigation
  • Bankruptcy
  • State business requirements

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Services We Offer


Some of the largest disputes in the trucking industry regards rising fuel costs along with driver training, retention and tort reform. That’s a lot to remember! But don’t worry, this is where we come in. Our skilled Sioux City attorney, Sioux Falls lawyer, and Omaha attorney teams are here for you to keep on truckin’! Call us today!


Frequent labor disputes have plagued the aviation industry along with enhanced security requirements and aging fleets. If you find yourself looking to fly away from all the headaches associated with aviation law, call us today!


It’s no fun waiting for a train, but they serve a great purpose in today’s transportation industry and health of the overall American economy. Railways, face a great number of legal challenges including E-discovery and electronically stored information, regulatory compliance issues, financing, and environmental matters. The Goosmann Law Firm attorneys have experience representing Class I railways in Federal Employers’ Liability Act (FELA) and Boiler Inspection Act / Railroad Inspection Act litigation related to injury and toxic exposure claims, as well as handing other employment and regulatory matters advising them as to electronically stored information issues. This work has included representing railway clients in state and Federal court, mediation proceedings, and private negotiations, and consulting on discovery and investigations . Don’t get caught off guard with legal matters. Call our Sioux City lawyer, Sioux Falls attorney, and Omaha lawyer team to see how we can assist you today!

Unmanned Aerial Systems/Drones

Drones are here, and they’re the next big thing in the commercial sector, but how do you go about making sure you are compliant with unmanned aerial system laws? You’ve already paid for the drone, we don’t want you to pay for the fees and penalties that might come with the improper use of it. Call our Sioux Falls Law Firm, Sioux City Law Firm or Omaha Law Firm today!

Wrongful Death, Property Damage, and Cargo Claims

Since lawsuits typically involve post-accident judgments about the conduct of drivers or other transportation actors, our knowledge and experience in preventability issues, safety policies, product issues, and the use of de-biasing techniques work to combat hindsight bias. Our techniques are invaluable in making the difference between an adverse result and a successful outcome. Contact us today to help with your property damage and cargo claim matters.

Coordination of Accident Investigation

Goosmann assists transportation clients in the investigation of catastrophic accidents. The firm’s attorneys are highly skilled in assembling requisite teams of engineers, investigators and technicians.As trial attorneys, we have successfully protected the results of investigations from discovery utilizing available privileges and quickly addressing the areas of inquiry necessary to promptly evaluate an exposure following an accident. If your company need help with accident investigation, contact us today!

Insurance Coverage Disputes

Goosmann’s transportation attorneys possess significant experience in representing transportation insurers in coverage issues. Typical issues include the priority between insurance contracts issued to a carrier as opposed to an owner/operator of a leased vehicle, the interpretation and construction of the MCS 90 endorsement and related federal regulations. Goosmann’s attorneys can negotiate the complicated issues regarding the use of self-insurance and the relationship between the self-insured and the insurance carrier.

Employment, Wage and Hour, Discrimination and Defense Claims

Our transportation lawyers in Sioux City, Sioux Falls, and Omaha represent transportation clients in all aspects of employment law disputes, defending discrimination claims as well as wage and salary disputes in Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, and North Dakota. We also represent employers in their worker’s compensation cases and provide defense to those transportation employers who are sued as third party defendants in those states where contribution or indemnity claims are allowed against employers. Call us today to help with your employment headaches.

Environmental Claims

The firm’s transportation and environmental litigators have defended transportation clients in matters alleging damage to property due to violations of environmental laws or regulations. This integrated team of environmental and transportation attorneys also advises clients in the event of hazardous material spills or releases, claims of water and soil contamination, clean-up obligations, and various environmental compliance matters. Contact our Sioux City law firm, Sioux Falls law firm, and Omaha law firm today on environmental compliance.

Governmental Investigations and Regulatory Issues

Goosmann can assist motor carriers and other transportation clients which maintain their own fleet of motor vehicles in complying with the numerous U.S. Department of Transportation and state regulations. Call our Sioux City lawyers, Sioux Falls attorneys, and Omaha lawyers today!



A Goosmann Law Firm Attorney represented a trucking company in a case against a former employee who had taken a loan out through the employer to purchase a vehicle. The loan that the trucking company had entered into with the former employee was poorly written, identified the wrong parties, and used vague and inaccurate language, making it a difficult case. In addition to that, the trucking company trusted their employee to properly handle the Nebraska DMV and Certificate of Title process.

The Goosmann attorney was able to develop a three-pronged attack filing a Complaint in Replevin, a Breach of Contract Complaint (with negligent and fraudulent misrepresentation, conversion, and unjust enrichment claims thrown in as well), and working with the NE DMV and local County Clerk to place a hold on the VIN of the subject vehicle.

In the Replevin hearing, the attorney walked the defendant through the steps he had taken to make sure the client was either going to get the nearly $21,000 owed to them or the vehicle returned. The defendant then attempted to offer a Certificate of Title that was fraudulently obtained. After questioning, the Goosmann attorney was able to obtain the vehicle back for the trucking company.



“I own a transportation company and want to take it to the next level. How do I grow my company and opportunities in the transportation industry?”

We understand we live in a global world. Traveling has never been easier and the world certainly looks a lot smaller than it did 50 years ago. We can call people in China while emailing friends in England and Australia. We know that you need to be connected if you’re in the transportation industry. The transportation world has boomed over the last half century, and being on the front lines of innovation and invention is where we live. We want to help your business break boundaries by reaching people from coast-to-coast and beyond. We want to turn your requests into new opportunities for your company. Let us carry you safely through the transportation industry to successfully grow your company while helping you remain compliant with the U.S. Department of Transportation and other government and state regulations.

“My company is being looked into by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. What can I do?”

Our Omaha Law Firm, Sioux Falls Law Firm and Sioux City Law Firm are experienced in all things transportation and we will be by your side through the entire process. Let us help you to assess risk management and ensure that you get back on the road to success. Call us today!

“How do I defend my railroad from environmental enforcement actions?”

To overcome an environmental enforcement action is to press for honest agency assessment of litigation risk while attempting to comply as soon as possible. Call our Sioux Falls attorney, Sioux City lawyer, and Omaha attorney team to discuss your litigation risk and what can be done to ensure your railway is compliant!

“Is my company’s drone compliant with Federal Aviation Administration standards?”

Your business has renovated and grown so much in the last few years that you want to show it off on your website. And what better way to do that than an aerial video of the property showing off all the exciting new additions. Before you proceed with the project you wonder if this could potentially cause legal issues for you and your company. This is where we fly in. We counsel clients who operate drones in the commercial space and we hope to help you meet your business needs with the compliant use of an unmanned aerial system. Launching your business into the future with the use of new technology? That sounds worth it to us.

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