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Construction Attorney in Omaha


Goosmann Law’s construction lawyers strive to bring greater predictability to their clients by being proactive and providing candid legal advice. Clients in the construction industry often have legal needs that cross many different disciplines. Goosmann’s construction lawyers represent the full spectrum of businesses associated with the construction industry.

Because construction disputes frequently arise before a construction project is completed, our construction lawyers strive to implement effective and innovative solutions to problems that keep projects moving forward. If disputes remain, we are equipped and prepared to negotiate, mediate and, when necessary, litigate or arbitrate. Goosmann Law combines first-hand knowledge of construction law with negotiation, alternative dispute resolution, and formal dispute resolution (e.g., trials and arbitrations).

Goosmann Law’s construction lawyers understand the nuances of construction projects, including complex multi-party transactions and interrelated real estate, corporate and financing issues. Our attorneys address subcontractor non-performance, as well as change order disputes, project delays, bond and lien issues, and insurance claims. Construction litigation matters include contract disputes, bid protests, contractor and designer claims, architect, engineer and contractor malpractice claims, and declaratory judgment actions regarding insurance coverage. Goosmann Law also drafts contracts and acts as general counsel for various construction professionals.

What We Offer 


Construction projects involve a lot of moving parts and various trades. As a result, disputes involving construction projects are not uncommon. Goosmann Law understands how the construction process works and can help you address disputes in an effective, timely manner. If you have a dispute, contact one of our Sioux City, Sioux Falls, Spirit Lake, or Omaha attorneys and they will walk you through the process, advise you of your rights, and set forth a clear path to resolution. Check out our blog!

Land Use, Planning & Zoning, Declarations, Easements and Covenants

Construction projects start long before ground is broken and footings are poured. Goosmann Law’s attorneys have extensive experience with land use, planning and zoning/ordinance issues, as well as issues related to declarations, easements and land covenants, and can represent your interests before government agencies and departments so you can get to work.

Regulatory Support

Goosmann Law’s construction attorneys stay on top of the complex environmental regulations so you don’t have to. We stay current with respect to regulatory and permitting requirements to ensure your construction company is compliant, and represent companies in disputes with various regulatory bodies.


Goosmann Law’s construction attorneys routinely draft and negotiate contracts for owners, general contractors, architects and other construction professionals. We are experienced with, e.g., standard AIA contracts, Consensus Docs, DBIA contracts, and custom contracts. We help you manage your risks and provide legal advice regarding various contract provisions. A small amount of “preventative law” can reduce your company’s exposure/risk and ultimately save you time and money.

When you need an experienced construction attorney near you, turn to Goosmann Law Firm. Our Omaha construction lawyers will help you navigate every step of the litigation process and defend your best interests. Call 855-909-4442!

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