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Probate & Trust Administration

Probate & Trust Administration in Omaha

Setting up an estate plan is one aspect, but administering the plan when the individual or first spouse passes away is a separate aspect. The administration process does differ based upon whether it was a Will-based plan or Trust-based plan.

Probate administration is the all-encompassing name for the administration of one’s estate at death through the courts. This process takes place both where there is a Will and where there is no estate plan in place. It is the responsibility of the Executor or personal representative of the estate to make sure that the estate is faithfully probated. It is a complex process, and almost always requires the Executor hire an attorney to facilitate it. A good attorney will guide the Executor through the confusion and delays that accompany probate.

Trust administration generally describes the running and managing of a Trust from day-to-day and is handled by the Trustee of the Trust. Some of the Trustee’s duties involve managing the assets, making investments, and watching out for the best interests of the beneficiaries of the Trust. With all of these responsibilities, the Trustee will occasionally need to consult an attorney to ensure he or she complies with the laws and the terms of the Trust. This is especially true upon the death of the creator of the Trust. During this transition, the Trust will need to make several different accountings, all of which are made easier when a skilled attorney is at hand. Properly done, Trust administration is significantly quicker, easier, and less expensive than probate administration.

Goosmann Law can assist Executors and Trustees in probate and Trust administration, walking you through the process as efficiently as possible.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Why might an Executor or Trustee in Omaha need legal assistance?

An Executor or Trustee in Omaha might need legal assistance to navigate the complexities of probate or trust administration. For Executors, the probate process can be intricate and time-consuming, often requiring knowledge of legal procedures and filings. Trustees may need legal guidance to ensure they are complying with both the laws and the terms of the Trust, particularly during the transition period following the Trust creator's death. Attorneys can provide valuable support in making accountings and managing responsibilities efficiently.

How can Goosmann Law assist with probate and trust administration?

Goosmann Law can assist Executors and Trustees in Omaha with both probate and trust administration by providing expert guidance through each step of the process. Our legal team can help simplify complex procedures, reduce delays, and ensure compliance with all legal requirements. Our goal is to make the administration process as efficient and stress-free as possible for our clients, saving you time and money.


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