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Manufacturing Law

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Manufacturing companies and their operations require a wide range of legal services. At the Goosmann Law Firm, we employ a cross-disciplinary team approach when providing legal counsel or litigation services to our manufacturing clients. We work as a team within the Firm in order to provide you with a client experience like no other.

Our team of experienced attorneys wants to be your resource for all things manufacturing. We have the experience in your field. We will work to protect your company, team, customers, intellectual property, and technology in all transactions relating to your manufacturing business.

Our manufacturing clients provide a variety of products and sub-components to industrial, commercial businesses, consumers, distributors, and others in the supply chain. Our law firm has experience in a broad spectrum of industries including manufacturing agricultural products, building materials, chemicals, consumer products, electrical, food and beverage, industrial machinery, life science and pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, and technology.

Our Sioux City, Sioux Falls, and Omaha teams are prepared to help you with anything from employment and benefits to product liability defense and distribution relationships. Call our manufacturing attorney team to put us to work for you today!

Manufacturing machinery

What we offer


Distribution & Dealer Litigation

We want you to have the best relationships with manufacturers, franchisors, suppliers, and distributors, and that is why we offer a number of ways to manage those relationships. Whether it be through labor and employment discussions or licensing, we want to help you make the most of your business. Call us at Sioux City, Sioux Falls, or Omaha today.

Medical & Pharmaceuticals

Product safety and marketing play vital roles in medical manufacturing. As pharmaceuticals are one of the most regulated products in the United States, keeping track of the regulatory processes needed to keep medicine on the shelves can be difficult. Our team of skilled attorneys will work with you to ensure that your products remain legally compliant. Call our Sioux City, Sioux Falls, or Omaha law firms today.

Consumer Products

A dangerous consumer product can lead to a number of unwanted product liability cases. The regulations regarding consumer products may differ from regular injury law, so before you get yourself into a sticky legal situation call us today!

Hydraulics & Machinery

An important aspect of hydraulics and machinery manufacturing is safety and the requirements that come with it. We understand that OSHA requirements and workplace technologies are both subject to change. Don’t lose sleep over regulatory burdens. Contact us today to discuss how you can protect your company and your employees!

Outside General Counsel Services

Our lawyers frequently serve as “outside general counsel” for companies (including privately held and family-owned companies) that have no in-house lawyers. We work with in-house counsel and special counsel, offering a new and creative perspective to ensure your weak spots are patched. Our manufacturing practice members have the knowledge and experience to counsel clients on a wide array of issues, including risk management, labor/employment, environmental, warranties, vendor relations, workplace safety/OSHA, contracts, joint ventures, economic development, real estate, financing, mergers and acquisitions, transportation, product recalls, litigation, mediation, arbitration, toxic tort defense, land use and nuisance, IP Protection, and product development.

If you’re seeking outside general counsel that offers big-city talent with Midwest service, contact Goosmann Law Firm today.


Defended tire and rim manufacturer in federal court patent litigation; obtained favorable rulings on motions for summary judgment. Abraham v. Super Buy Tires, et al., 2007 WL 1450311 (S.D. Cal. May 15, 2007).

Developed employee handbook for manufacturing companies.

Represented dietary supplement manufacturer relative to multi-district product liability lawsuits filed across the United States.

Negotiated an FAA $50,000 proposed penalty involving a hazardous materials violation down to $2,000.

Successfully negotiated settlements with OSHA concerning proposed fines and penalties.


Problems & How We Solve Them

“How do I make sure my products are compliant under FDA standards?”

If you plan to open a food business, there are numerous requirements you will need to meet beforehand. FDA standards apply to multiple industries, including manufacturing. Let us help you make sure your products are compliant with FDA standards. Along with keeping your customers safe and saving your company from a legal battle and endless penalties and fees, we can also help you ensure that your employees are safe and your company is compliant with OSHA, EPA, and DOL regulations. We want to be your respected advisor helping your manufacturing company plan for success, avoid legal pitfalls, and solve problems innovatively and cost-effectively - that’s worth it.

“How do I obtain a food manufacturer or wholesale distributor license?”

The simple answer is to apply! However, these applications often come with fees and other paperwork that may need to be filled out first. Let us help you to get your manufacturing business under way the proper way. Don't go through the process alone--call one of our three convenient locations today.

“How do I ensure my company is compliant with OSHA, EPA, and DOL rules?”

Do you know what to do when OSHA comes to your company for a “surprise” inspection? Do you have a company safety compliance program in place with verifiable employee training?You may feel a sense of panic when asked to answer these questions. You might feel overwhelmed, and sense a heightened degree of urgency that you need to do more in your company to be in compliance with the law.At Goosmann, we understand that CEOs, business owners, and safety management personnel each have a big job. We have good news: we are here to help. Call our law firms in Sioux City, Sioux Falls, or Omaha today to help your company stay compliant with OSHA, EPA, and DOL regulations.

“What kind of labeling do I need on my business’s new product?”

If you intend to make nutrient or health claims on your product, the labeling process could become lengthy. Allow us to simplify it for you! Our team is ready and willing to help you make money on your awesome, correctly labeled new product. Call us today to discuss what your product labels should look like and what needs to be included to be compliant.

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