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Our Goosmann Law Firm Alternative Dispute Resolution Team (ADR) is comprised of a select group of attorneys who provide an alternative to the traditional litigation process. By serving as the neutral party, we provide an impartial and unbiased opportunity for both parties to determine the resolution for their dispute. Our team provides friendly, cost-effective, and confidential dispute resolution so you can get back to running your business.

Comprehensive Mediation Services in Omaha

  1. Mediation

  • Probate Mediation
  • Divorce Mediation
    • Parenting Plan Mediation
    • Divorce Financial Mediation
    • Divorce Property Settlement Mediation
  • Mediation is a process in which a neutral third party facilitates the parties involved in the dispute in negotiating a voluntary resolution of their differences.

Professional Arbitration Services

  1. Arbitration
  • Arbitration is the submission of the dispute to one or more impartial persons to make a final and binding decision on the issue.

Omaha Litigation Support and Trial Law Expertise

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  • Think you might need more than mediation or arbitration? Goosmann Law Firm has an expansive trial law practice and would be happy to discuss your case further. Visit our Litigation/Trial Law page for more information on our litigation practice!
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The Goosmann Law Firm ADR Team can work with you and your counsel to resolve complex business disputes that seem to have no end in sight. This select group of attorneys will work tirelessly to ensure the dispute is resolved efficiently and in a cost-effective manner.

Meet Our Omaha ADR Team

  1. Jeana Goosmann, CEO & Managing Partner
  • AAA Arbitrator and Mediator
  1. Joel Carney, CPO & Attorney
  • AAA Arbitrator and Mediator
  1. Kelly Henry Turner, Senior Counsel
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  1. Brad Marsicek, Senior Counsel
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Resolving Disputes Efficiently with ADR

Effective Strategies for Dispute Resolution

Disputes often take months and even years to resolve, and the reality is that most cases can and should be resolved at the bargaining table. The difference between winning and losing often comes down to your attorney’s ability to negotiate an agreement on terms that benefit you. The Goosmann Law Firm ADR Team can help provide a neutral perspective on your case and assist in resolving your dispute in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Understanding Mediation and Arbitration in Omaha

Mediation is an informal dispute resolution process used to settle cases before trial. When the parties agree to mediate, they agree to hire a “mediator,” who is typically a veteran attorney or retired judge, to help them try to settle their lawsuit. The mediator typically meets with the parties together, then meets with the parties privately to discuss the relative strengths and weaknesses of the parties’ respective positions. The mediator then facilitates between the parties’ settlement demands and counteroffers with the ultimate goal of reaching a settlement. If the parties cannot reach a settlement, the mediation ends. The mediator cannot force the parties to settle their dispute. Generally, mediation is a voluntary process.

Arbitration, on the other hand, is a more structured process and is binding on the parties. The process of arbitration requires a dispute to be submitted, by agreement of the parties, to a binding decision maker, the arbitrator. The arbitrator listens to witnesses testify and considers evidence much like a judge or jury, and then renders a written decision. The case is resolved by an arbitrator in a confidential forum, but the arbitrator’s decision can be filed with a Court and converted into a formal judgment against the losing party. Goosmann Law’s ADR attorneys mediate and arbitrate cases routinely.

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