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4 Ways An Unsecured Creditor Can Protect Themselves During Bankruptcy

If you want to protect yourself, you might consider taking a martial arts class. However, if you are an unsecured creditor, karate moves won’t protect you when a debtor files for Ch. 7 or Ch. 11 bankruptcy protection. Instead, follow these 4 steps to successfully protect yourself and your assets.

First, file a proof of claim. If you fail to do so, the debt may be eliminated.

Second, consider serving as a member on an unsecured creditors’ committee. This way, you can ensure your interests are represented.

Third, review paperwork to determine the debtor’s proposed response to your claim and the court’s response.

Fourth, don’t decide to sell to investors prematurely. Weigh your options carefully with the help of an attorney.

You don’t have to learn karate to protect yourself during a bankruptcy case. Talk to an attorney today to help you take the steps necessary to protect yourself and your assets.