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We know health care. Our Sioux City, Sioux Falls, Spirit Lake, and Omaha attorneys not only understand health law, but we also have years of experience working in the health care industry. Our health lawyers have a diverse knowledge base that includes many topics, such as bioethics, corporate, insurance, administrative, Medicare/Medicaid, tax, privacy, and health information law.

We help physicians and health care professionals sleep at night. Our health care lawyers recognize physicians and health care professionals chose their career because they wanted to take care of patients and focus on improving the health of others. Our full-service team has several legal remedies that can provide greater protection for physicians and other high liability professions.

We don’t just respond to your legal needs, we anticipate them. This way, you can continue helping patients enjoy long, full, and happy lives.

Our team understands that as health care professionals, you have a demanding role. It is difficult to navigate regulatory, transactional and reimbursement matters on top of providing professional health services. From compliance with Federal health care laws to building office space, we have you covered.

A stress-free profession is worth it. Contact our health law attorneys today.

What We Offer

Health Care Litigation

With backgrounds in healthcare and litigation, Goosmann attorneys are ready to tackle any litigation challenge facing your practice. Whether it be a claims dispute, overpayment recoveries, or internal compliance investigations, let us guide you through the process. Call one of our Sioux Falls, Omaha, or Sioux City attorneys today for all of your healthcare litigation needs.

Aging and Disability Providers

We understand your needs and we want to provide you with the best advice regarding aging and disability providers. Our team will work to create a practical welfare plan that won’t break the bank. Call us today to discuss our aging and disability services!

HIPAA Privacy & Security

The regulatory landscape of the health care industry changes constantly and the government oversees every aspect of the health care laws. Our team of lawyers is ready to brief you on these ever-changing health care policies. Call us today to see what you can do to remain legally compliant!


Cybersecurity is vital in the healthcare industry, as the majority of files are confidential and protected under HIPAA laws. We want to protect you and your business from potential breaches of your system. Call us today to discuss your legal needs regarding cybersecurity!

Healthcare Transactions

As a physician or a healthcare provider you participate in a number of transactions involving securities, tax, antitrust, labor and employment. We are here to make deals happen. Call today to discuss your healthcare transactions.


Problems and How We Solve Them

“I am a physician. How can I protect myself and my practice as a high liability professional?”

If you are a physician or health care professional, you must protect yourself, your assets, and your practice. Our team of attorneys helps both professionals and the public understand licensing obligations. The Ethical and Professional Responsibility Rules govern the ethical standards of all licensed professionals, such as attorneys and doctors. Professionals may be disciplined for bad conduct such as mismanaging a case or mishandling a client’s financial resources, which could put a black mark on your record.

“How do I survive a HIPAA Audit?”

Audit – most of us hate that word. Now add HIPAA to the equation and you have health care professionals sweating. Even if you think your compliant with the HIPAA laws, are you ready for a HIPAA audit? Our team can help you prepare and be ready for the time an audit comes.

Read our article in MED magazine about “Surviving a HIPAA Audit.”

“How do I begin exploring the Direct Primary Care model for my practice?

This retainer-based model is gaining traction in the health care industry, but is it right for your practice? Let us help you decide! Call us today for help navigating your direct primary care model!

"As a new employer, how would I go about providing health insurance to my employees?"

You have just started your own practice and you want to take care of your employees. You’re clearly in the right field! Taking care of your practice, patients and employees is worth it. Call us today to help you with the planning of your employee benefits.

“How will changes to Medicare affect my practice?”

Medicare doesn't always cover membership fees for concierge care, which could greatly affect your practice and your patients. At Goosmann Law Firm, we stay on top of Medicare changes and trends. Call us today to see how Medicare changes may affect you and your practice.

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