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Culture, Diversity, Community

We are a Midwest-based certified women-owned law firm for trailblazers leading the way in America. We work for visionaries who take action. We give leaders the freedom to focus on what’s worth it. We help protect what you work hard for and get what you deserve. As attorneys we are committed to stand for what’s right. Together we are agents of change making a difference for people. 

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Life, family, then business.

The Firm’s culture centers around our mission – Worth It! The Goosmann team values life, family, then business. Our clients’ experience matters. We work with integrity, passion, professionalism, and grit while having fun and building careers worth having and lives worth living. We celebrate hard work, success, and life's moments both big and small. As a designated Blue Zones Worksite by Healthways, we understand the importance of a healthy work-life balance. We mentor, train and coach team members to reach their personal and professional life goals. Our Sioux City law firm, Sioux Falls law firm, and Omaha law firm teams enjoy the benefits of a high-energy, fast-paced, family-friendly environment that encourages and rewards excellence, high achievement, innovation, and professional development.


“Diversity is not only a critical value of the firm, but is incorporated in how we live our lives and how we conduct business every day.”

As a woman-owned firm, diversity is a core value of the Goosmann Law Firm that stands along our mission – worth it. We value diversity among our team and our communities to enrich the lives of our professionals, clients, and cities. Diversity generates creativity and provides different perspectives and solutions, reflecting the work we complete for our clients and improving their overall experience. We also believe it creates a happier and healthier work environment for our team.

Goosmann is a people-orientated firm that strives to create an inclusive environment for its employees and clients. We understand that diversity creates a strengthened workplace and we work to ensure that every member of our team has an equal opportunity to succeed. Our firm is a proud member of the National Association of Minority and Women-Owned Law Firms (NAMWOLF), a non-profit trade association focused on promoting diversity in the legal profession.

At Goosmann Law Firm, we created Goosmann University, a comprehensive development initiative to increase capability and effectiveness of law firm employees. We understand that our clients come from a wide variety of backgrounds and our people development and client relations team strives to ensure that each client has the best legal experience possible. We are committed to diversity among our team and Goosmann University centers its values around diversity, hard work, efficiency, talent, strengths, and effectiveness. Each Goosmann team member learns, understands, and lives through these values from the start whether they’re a new team member or they’ve been practicing for 30 years.

CEO and Managing Partner Jeana Goosmann says, “Our goal is to create a diverse, inclusive environment that reflects the clients and communities we serve. Diversity is not only a critical value of the firm, but is incorporated in how we live our lives and how we conduct business every day.”

Our clients are worth it, our team is worth it, and our communities are worth it.


Giving back is worth it.

The Goosmann Law Firm has always been committed to helping enrich the lives of people in our community from monetary donations to giving our time and resources to those in need. Community impact is a constant goal of the firm. Over the years, our Sioux City, Sioux Falls, and Omaha teams have volunteered and donated to numerous organizations throughout the Midwest.

We are committed to giving back & love supporting our community