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Jeana Goosmann Interviewed for Nationally Distributed Public Television Program "Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid"

Goosmann Law Firm is excited to announce that CEO and Managing Partner Jeana Goosmann, was recently featured in a thought-provoking interview on the highly acclaimed national television program "Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid." The segment, which focused on diversity in the legal field, shed light on the significance of diverse representation and the challenges women and minorities continue to face.

During her interview, Goosmann emphasized the positive impact of diversity on representation. "Diversity increases representation," she affirmed. "When you have diverse representation, you have diverse viewpoints, which in turn helps you advocate more effectively on behalf of the client."

As the founder of Goosmann Law Firm, the largest certified woman-owned law firm in the Midwest, Jeana Goosmann has defied traditional norms and achieved remarkable success. With over 30 attorneys currently working at the firm, Goosmann's entrepreneurial journey is a testament to the determination and resilience required to build a thriving law firm.

Acknowledging the hurdles that women and minorities still face in the legal field, Goosmann encourages aspiring female professionals to fearlessly pursue their dreams. Through her pioneering efforts and unwavering commitment, Goosmann has not only established a reputable law firm but has also become a beacon of inspiration for aspiring female entrepreneurs.

Goosmann Law Firm proudly aligns itself with organizations such as the National Association of Minority and Women Owned Law Firms (NAMWOLF). By joining forces with NAMWOLF, Goosmann Law Firm is able to work with a diverse network of corporations and clients who also champion for diversity and inclusivity.

Jeana Goosmann's enlightening interview on "Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid" serves as a reminder that while progress has been made, there is still work to be done to achieve equality and representation in the legal profession. Through her steadfast leadership, Goosmann continues to pave the way for future generations and inspire change.

This segment is scheduled for distribution in July on participating stations nationwide.

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