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Goosmann Law Firm Named in 2022 Top 300 Law Firms

Jeana Goosmann, CEO & Managing Partner of the Goosmann Law Firm, is pleased to announce that the firm has received the Embroker Law 300 Award. Goosmann Law Firm ranked 144 of the top 300 law firms in America. Selected from a pool of over 1,000 candidates, these 300 awardees represent America’s most innovative, most impactful, and most promising law firms leading the industry into 2022 and beyond.

“We are honored to receive the Embroker Law 300 Award. We are a Midwest-based women-owned law firm for trailblazers leading the way in America. We work for visionaries who take action. We give leaders the freedom to focus on what’s worth it. We help protect what you work hard for and get what you deserve. As attorneys we are committed to stand for what’s right. Together we are agents of change making a difference for people,” says CEO Jeana Goosmann.

The Embroker Law 300 Award is determined via a rigorous research and assessment process. Candidates are critiqued by workplace culture, gender equality, sustainability initiatives, progressive employment policies, high gender and ethnic diversity, outstanding pro bono initiatives, and innovative technological advancements. 

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About Goosmann Law Firm

The Goosmann Law Firm helps business leaders win disputes, protect their wealth, and spend time on what’s worth it. They are one of the fastest growing law firms in the United States with locations in Omaha, Nebraska, Sioux City, Iowa, Spirit Lake, Iowa, and Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The firm has over 30 lawyers and a total team of 68. Their clients range from local businesses to multinational Fortune 100 companies. Goosmann Law Firm is a proud member of the National Association of Minority and Women Owned Law Firms.