Goosmann Law Firm provides quality legal services and strategic advice to companies and individuals in Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota. Whether you’re a big business, a growing company or a local individual, we deliver cost-effective results for today’s economy.

Our practice areas include (but are not limited to):

The Goosmann Law Firm has represented clients in a wide variety of legal areas and practices. Below are some of the services we provide within each of our highlighted areas.

  • Business Law

    Goosmann Law acts as general counsel to company presidents and professionals. The Firm serves clients ranging in all stages of development, from small and emerging entrepreneurial businesses to multinational corporations. We provide legal services to corporations, limited liability companies, general and limited partnerships and joint ventures in all stages of their development, whether as start-ups, growth companies, established private companies, or publicly held entities.

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  • Construction Law & Construction Disputes

    Construction-related clients often have legal needs that cross many different disciplines. Goosmann Law Firm’s goal is to bring greater predictability to its clients by being pro-active. Goosmann Law Firm represents owners, contractors, developers, architects, engineers, project managers, manufacturers, suppliers, insurers and lenders relative to various aspects of the construction industry. Because construction disputes usually arise before construction is completed, we strive to implement effective and innovative solutions to problems that keep projects moving forward.

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  • Employment Law

    Goosmann Law provides a wide range of employment law services. Our flexibility allows us to move efficiently and quickly. We can serve the needs of both large corporations and small businesses in a broad range of industries. We provide clients with strategic and tactical advice emphasizing best practices, prevention and compliance. When claims are made, we focus our skills as advocates on resolving conflicts for our clients.

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  • Real Estate Law

    Goosmann Law represents clients in a wide variety of real estate transactions, from major and complex real estate transactions to first time purchases. We represent sophisticated developers, corporations, individuals and new property owners. We have received praise from clients for our ability to get deals closed advantageously and efficiently.

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  • Agricultural Law

    Goosmann Law Firm understands the complexities of the agriculture industry.  Located in the heart of the agricultural industry, we are closely connected and licensed to practice in the tri-state area of Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota.  Goosmann Law provides a broad range of legal representation to agribusiness ventures and companies impacted by the agriculture industry.  We understand the business, government regulation, public relations, science and markets in the agriculture industry and advise clients on their business needs.

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  • Litigation/Trial Law

    Goosmann Law can work with you to resolve complex business disputes that include bet-the-company and precedent-setting cases. While not afraid to take a case to trial, we never lose sight of a client’s business goals.

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  • Communications Law, Media Law, and Technology & Science

    Like our clients, Goosmann Law’s Telecommunications, Media and Technology Practice is on the cutting edge. We understand and appreciate the communications industry. Goosmann Law represents emerging telecommunications companies in the telephony industry, wireless companies, competitive service providers, telecommunications partners, equipment manufacturers, and large users of communications services.

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  • Estate Planning, Wills, Trusts, Estate Planning & Probate Law

    Goosmann Law’s estate planning practice handles situations that involve complex interactions between typical estate planning issues and business or family needs. Our goal is to develop a comprehensive plan that integrates techniques to deal with personal, tax and business issues. We offer a coordinated approach to dealing with the complexities of planning for the transfer of estate wealth to family members and the transfer of business interests to key employees and/or family members.

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  • Family Law

    Goosmann Law Firm works with individuals in a variety of family law and divorce matters in Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota. We begin with a confidential meeting to discuss your legal needs. Once your goals have been identified, we help you set realistic expectations based on the relevant law. We strive to cure and prevent issues as opposed to creating them. We provide zealous and attentive legal representation, with a goal of providing you the relief and fresh start you deserve.

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  • Banking Law, Finance, and Debtor & Creditor

    Goosmann Law provides various legal services to banks and other credit providers. We serve a wide range of financial institutions in highly sophisticated financing transactions as well as in connection with managing credit risk and foreclosures.

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  • Bankruptcy Law

    Goosmann Law advises clients in business bankruptcy, personal/consumer bankruptcy, involuntary bankruptcy, reorganizations, restructuring and insolvency transactions. Goosmann Law assists in several aspects of bankruptcy matters, including Chapter 7 liquidations, Chapter 11 reorganizations and Chapter 13 proceedings.

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  • Rapid Response Emergency Contact

    The Goosmann Law Firm, PLC has an action plan in place to quickly respond to emergencies that arise from critical trade secret and intellectual property security breaches, employer restraining orders, theft, product recalls, product safety hazards, workplace mishaps and explosions or emergencies. We can help to assist with minimizing the losses associated with these occurrences. An attorney at the firm is available at all times for these types of situations.

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